Cuckoo records is a brand new artist friendly music label. Our focus is to nurture fresh and distinctive talent and to produce, release and promote music that compliments both the artist and our labels sound. Our unique transparent business model allows us to easily sync our catalogue, resulting in artists building up an immediate PRS income stream (Royalties) and thus giving the label a guaranteed financial foundation to help us promote and further the careers of our roster. Cuckoo records’ aim is to foster and cultivate the artists creativity. Firstly developing a sound and feel that both the label and the artist are 100% confident with and then creating mini-albums that we market towards film, television and advertising to create royalty income. Tactfully packaged mini-albums and unique videos and websites for each artist give a foundation and platform that they can actively promote themselves on top of the push that the Cuckoo records team will pursue.

Artists signed to Cuckoo records benefit from the support and guardianship of our experienced management. Our long and committed history within the industry provides a strong link to music partners across a diverse range of fields, and our close relationship with major agents and promoters helps us navigate the right path for artists to succeed in the live circuit. The extensive knowledge and expertise of our team enables us to negotiate the most profitable and beneficial contracts across all coordinates.

Why we are different

The label is run by a small team of approachable and committed professionals. Passionate and experienced in all aspects of the business from the embryonic stages of writing and recording to A&R, sync placements & licensing, touring, video storyboarding & styling, internet marketing and new media promotion - bringing the unique sounds of Cuckoo records to a worldwide audience.

Dedicated to working together to strategize and help further the careers of our roster, we are constantly perusing new and innovative approaches to promote our artist’s sound and information worldwide. By embracing tomorrows technologies and keeping a close eye on the next new promotional mediums, our progressive and ingenious approach to Internet marketing and research will help us establish real targeted fans that already relate to the artists sound and vibe. With complete openness and transparency, we build a trust and faith with our roster of talent. Our aims are the same: to create and perform amazingly different music without the complexity of the conglomerate record industry yet with an income platform that allows us all to carry on doing it!”

What we are looking for

Our mission is to help our roster of special and talented artists develop, market and monetize their music through digital distribution and licensing to the tv, film and advertising industries. We believe the best music is created when creative freedom and diversity meets skill and experience. That’s why Cuckoo is based on a 100% artist friendly model but with the ability to deliver for our talent. If you’re an artist, singer or songwriter in the style of acoustic, alternative country, nu or traditional folk, vaudeville, nu swing, gypsy folk, Balkan, vintage bossa or lofi and totally serious about developing a career in music - we would love to hear from you