14 Jun

OMG!!!HOLY SHIT!!! we’ve only gone and signed RAGLANS!!!

After a frustrating day with no internet, we’ve been busting at the seams to announce the amazing RAGLANS boys from Dublin are getting into bed with CUCKOO RECORDS. We’ve had our eye’s on these lads for some time now, and we’re delighted we’ve been given the chance to break RAGLANS over here. We’ll be releasing the single ‘DIGGING HOLES’ next month with B side ‘SAND IN MY POCKETS’. The single has been rerecorded for the UK market and mixed by the hit guru CENZO TOWNDSEND ( Vaccines, Florence, Kaisers,) The lads will be supporting THE STRYPES in London on 21st June and we’ll be announcing the UK July dates in a few hours…stay tuned for more rock n roll. X